Texting and 'feeting': Driver caught texting, uses feet to steer car!

Pennsylvania - Ever wanted to know what it's like to text while driving and using your feet to do so? Just ask this incredibly reckless driver captured via a cellphone video. 

Why shouldn't you engage in 'texting and feeting'? Because 1) it's is illegal and 2) incredibly dangerous for all road users.

Footage from the USA shows a driver texting while driving and using their feet to steer the vehicle.

Total disregard for road safety

In a video posted on Facebook, the driver can be seen typing on their cellphone while the vehicle is in motion.

With eyes glued to the phone, the driver casually cruises along through traffic.

The video was sent to Action News by a couple travelling in a vehicle alongside the offending driver.

The video was filmed from the passenger seat.

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Watch the video below: