WATCH | This bunch of women conquer motorbikes for the first time

• A group of women took up the challenge and learned to ride a motorbike.

• The session was attended by Mercia Jansen and Brian Capper.

• Several women on the day have never ridden a motorbike.

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On Saturday 22 August, a group of adventurous women decided to step out of their comfort zones and celebrate the spirit of Women's Month by learning to ride motorcycles.

A considerable portion of the group who reported bright and early at ADA South Africa's training facility near Hartebeestpoort Dam in the Northwest have never ridden a motorbike before.

The training session was attended by two well-known figures in the bike industry, Motul's Eastern and Southern Africa manager and bike aficionado Mercia Jansen, and extreme trials rider Brian Capper. The actual training was handled by ADA's experienced instructors, with Mercia and Brian always on hand to give the prospective riders support and advice.

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Before the event started, there was a palpable mix of anticipation, excitement and nervous tension coming from the trainees, but underneath that was a steely resolve to get the job done. In the morning session, the trainees - under the watchful eyes of the instructors - progressed from their first tentative (and in some cases, somewhat wobbly) attempts, to riding confidently by the end of the session.

The training session was held as part of the #IconicWoman campaign, which sees women from different backgrounds come together and sharing their stories to becoming iconic women. Participants included actress and professional boxer Nicole Bessick, brand icon, inspirational speaker and adventurer Lynne Forbes, and Angela Yeung, bespoke jeweller and the only women on the diamond board of South Africa. 

Most of the women who attended the session will probably continue riding as part of a fraternity in which gender is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Still, whether they do or not, they will undoubtedly face the future with increased confidence in their ability to conquer whatever they set their minds to.


Several of the women who formed part of the #IconicWomen campaign (Sage Lee Voges)