Why the lockdown could be a perfect time for SA petrolheads

The streets will be empty from midnight on Thursday as everyone is required to stay indoors as President Cyril announced a 21-day shutdown to stifle the spread of the Corona virus.

Many people will be working from home with only places like clinics, hospitals and supermarkets to stay open for the duration of the 3 week incubation period.

Keeping the hands busy

Eat, sleep, repeat will become a familiar pattern but some of us have to keep ourselves occupied with something or another if we're going to survive the madness. While many people will be wondering what to do with themselves until the middle of April, petrolheads will have more than enough 'chores' to keep busy.

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Below are a few car-orientated ways in which to pass the time:

1. Work on a project car


                                                                   Image: iStock

This is the constant itch and scratch of every petrolhead. Spending enough time on building a car from scratch seems to take forever and with good reason because everything has to be done the right way.

Project cars tend to take a backseat when life gets too busy. Now, with the shutdown, it gives people with project cars a bit of time to get some work done and pass the time effortlessly as well. It's best to buy any parts and spares you need before shops shut up shop. And even though you won't be able to get any supplies at the store, you could find ordinary supplies in your garage to sand down prima on your car's body, or give car parts a proper cleaning.

2. Try to beat the Lewis Hamilton Challenge

People with gaming consoles will revel in the fact that they get to play games all day long. One of those games is Gran Turismo Sport on Playstation 4.

Besides all its various race categories, there is one special mode that lets you race against the Formula 1 maestro himself, Lewis Hamilton. Here players have to beat Lewis' best times on tracks around the world to get a diamond rating.

Unfortunately, this has to be purchased on the Playstation Store but it is well worth the money spent and will keep you busy for hours, if not days.

3. Catch up on some racing documentaries

Seeing as though most of the time will be spent on the couch and behind the TV, there are no shortage of motorsport documentaries to choose from.

From the emotional story of the first black man to compete in the Indy 500 to the untimely death of Formula 1's greatest ever driver, there is something for everyone. Most are available on Netflix.

4. Putting a Lego car together


                                                                  Image: Audi

Another activity that can pass the time very quickly is trying to put together a Lego car. Places like Toys R Us and Takealot sell iconic cars that need time and patience.

It's perfect timing that payday for most falls a day before the lockdown begins so that you can pick up everything you need for the next few weeks.