What's the weirdest item you keep in your car?

• We're looking for Wheels24 readers to share what weird items are in their cars.

• This story came to fruition after Sean Parker saw a large tissue box on the dashboard of another motorist's car and wondered if it distracted the driver. 

• Have you left something strange in your vehicle and never removed it? Get in touch with us here and let us know. 

We've all seen strange things while driving. It doesn't matter if it's inside or outside: the car provides a space to look out to the rest of the world. 

But what about inside our cars? Is there a massive box of tissues on the dashboard that obscures your forward vision? I witnessed this a few days ago, and it was so large I was distracted by it while driving. 

Earlier this year, Wheels24 reported on two vehicles which were filled with no less than 29 sheep. Police pounced on the suspects who crammed the animals into a Volkswagen Polo sedan and a light commercial van. 

A friend of mine in Johannesburg kept footballs in his boot, and he said it was in case he got pulled over by the metro cops. Make of that what you will. 

soccer ball

Image: Patrick Smith / Getty 

Strange items that might find their way into cars include food that's fallen out of the takeaway bag, or socks and shoes perhaps from changing into running gear before heading out for a trot. 

So now my question is to the readers of Wheels24, what do you keep in your car that you think others might find weird? If you need inspiration, I came across a Reddit thread and some of the answers to 'what is the weirdest thing you keep in your car?' are hilarious. 

Reddit poster Phenominimal says: "A box of hats in the trunk. Cowboy hats, a sombrero. Couple other kinds. I just remembered there's a blender in there too."

Another has "two plastic light-sabers in the trunk: "I'm not sure how they got there, but I hope someday it will help settle a road rage argument" in their car." 

The funniest entry I came is user 'Ihadacow' who said they have 'a tiny bowler hat that fits my Chihuahua. I put it on him when it's sunny." 

Here's chance to engage in a lighthearted topic that could have interesting results. Mail us the strangest items you have or have had in your car.