WATCH | You'll never guess what the latest car-mod trends were at this year's Essen Motor show

Essen's fairground halls welcomed auto tuning fans for the 2019 edition of the annual Essen Motor Show - the 52nd.

More than 500 exhibitors and over 300 000 fair-goers took the opportunity to exchange ideas on the latest car customization trends in Essen, Germany.

Sports cars, race cars, muscle cars... anything you could possibly imagine and they all have one thing in common - customised modifications.

The unspoken golden rule at the Essen motor show is that there's no substitute for cubic inches.

The tuning world still plays a huge role in car markets all over the world and events like the Essen motor show are extremely important for car fanatics.

This year's biggest trend is suspension. And, it's no surprise as this is usually the very first modification car enthusiasts will make on their vehicles after replacing the stock rims for something else.

Other trends include new body colour tones and subtle 'sleeper' tuning. The latter refers to when you can only tell a car has been tuned or modified by looking under the bonnet. The days of obtuse gullwing doors and the likes are now long over.

Custom paint jobs are still a hot trend, or extreme aesthetic mods on a new Lamborghini Urus also still had heads turning.

Compiled by Janine Van der Post