WATCH | You won't believe the funny and downright weird jargon used by mechanics

• There are shortened names or descriptions for almost every automotive detail.

• Some naming jargon can come across as crude, but is not.

• Petrolheads will use these words and understand each other.

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This hilarious video from the guys at Car Throttle shows how motoring jargon can mean something totally different to those not clued up about cars.

Car talk is filled with all sorts of shortened words and weird pronunciations, and this is especially true when gathered around a braai where it's the big topic of discussion.

What did I just hear?

The phrase 'taking my top off" at first might sound like a questionable innuendo to most, but it in fact means that a car's cylinder head needs to be removed.

When mechanics or engineers don't want to name something on its full description or name, the next best thing is shortening a word or using something somewhat closely related.

A survery conducted by MotorEasy showed that most females don't even bother taking their car to a garage to have it repaired because they're afraid the mechanic uses these terms to up the bill. 

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Because non-petrolheads are not familiar with this type of language, they simply just accept what the mechanic says because, well, they know what they are doing.

Another phrase that will probably garner some raised eyebrows, is a Subaru enthusiast stating something along the lines of 'I picked up an STI'. As a petrolhead, you'll know that the said person is referring to an awesome Scooby - and not a sexually transmitted disease.

Having 'mayonnaise' under your oil cap is another jargon that draws a 'what the heck' response. This is normally associated with water mixing with oil inside the engine.

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