WATCH: Why some countries drive on the left and others on the right

Have you ever wondered why some countries drive on the left side of the road and why others do so on the right?

Back during the era  of highwaymen it was considered bad manners to pass an approaching traveler on their "weaker" left side!

About 165 countries drive on the right side of the road while only 65 countries on the left.

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Apparently driving on the left side originated in an era before automobiles weren't even a thought in ancient Rome.

Romans rode their carts and horses on the left side of paths and steered with their left hand in order to access their weapons with their dominant right hand.

This was carried over to the rest of Europe and in the 1700s, Britain made driving on the left the law across its many colonies.

France and the USA however drove on the right side; France first had its road users travel along on the left, then switched to the right after the French Revolution.