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Like sci-fi fans enjoy Terminator, and those of the anime variety enjoy Dragon Ball Z, petrolheads have the Fast and The Furious franchise.

The very first movie was first introduced in 2001 and has gone on to achieve global success with each instalment.

Many petrolheads still hail the first movie as the best out of the series as it focuses on illegal street racing and tuner perspective as opposed to the others.

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After the third movie, the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, the emphasis on pure racing had been removed and moved more towards heists that feature some of the most unbelievable stunt work.

Each movie somehow manages to include a good old-fashioned drag race when Vin Diesel and co aren't jumping out of aeroplanes or stopping a bus full of prisoners.

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One of the most iconic drag race scenes in the franchise has to be when 'Dominic Toretto' (Diesel) and Brian O'Conner (the late Paul Walker's character) go against each other in a 400m race.

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The scene is iconic for 'Dom's muscle driving for a brief moment on two wheels and when both their cars successfully pass by an oncoming train.Sometimes unbelievable

One thing that always seems to remain that same is that for some reason, nobody can beat Vin Diesel. He even manages to win a race in reverse gear in Cuba with a car on fire in Fast 8.

Those type of driving stunts stretch the realms of possibility so far leaving viewers to ask "what's next?"

'Ride or die' 

Wheels24 editor Janine Van der Post says: "As much as we all complain about DSTV playing the same movies over and over, I can't say I can complain about the daily dose of this franchise during lockdown. My husband, though, he can't understand how I could watch every one of the franchise movies whenever it comes on.

"As unrealistic as these movies are, as far-fetched as the action and the racing scenes go, I am glued like it's the first time I see it. Every single time.

"The absolutely long runway, the flying cars and the actors landing on them like it's a soft bed, or Roman Pearce (Tyrese) hanging onto a Ford Escort RS 2000, etc. I laugh at the nonsense and know all the lines, and I never tire of it.

"Perhaps it's a culture, maybe we all just loved the first movie so much that we are loyal followers no matter what. Perhaps I just love all the nice-ass cars in all of them. Perhaps we're addicted to the little bit of escape it opens from the norm of the pandemic around us.

"One of my many favourite scenes though is when Letty (Michelle Rodriquez) races Dom, in the streets of London in Fast and Furious 6. She drives a 1971 Jenson Interceptor while Dom drives a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Replica.

"Oh, wait, Furious 7 just started, I have to go, and cry my eyes out at the end where we all bid farewell to Paul Walker... Again!" 

Fans will be disappointed to know that the latest (ninth) instalment has been postponed until next year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Compiled by Robin Classen

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