WATCH | Volkswagen makes more of these than it does cars...worldwide

I can attest to the yummyness of the curry wurst (sausage),it's a Volkswagen tradition that's served to the thousands of workers at their factory in Wolfsburg.

I tasted it for the first time at the Frankfurt motor show in 2017 and loved it then. In fact when I attended the 2019 edition of the show last year I made sure to eat my body weight in the famous and delicious curry wurst. 

Something I didn't know was that Volkswagen makes them. Yes, since 1973 its been made in Wolfsburg and sold in its six plants in Germany.

6.8-million sausages were produced in 2019, while the company only produced 6.2-million cars during the same 12 month period.

Former Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond heads to the carmaker's factory in Germany to learn about the process and even try his hand at making the famous currywursts. 

Check out the clip below: