WATCH | This mega-golf fan turned his Daihatsu into a driving range

Some might say that golf is the most boring sport in the world - especially if you're watching it on television; seeing people try their best to get a ball into 18 different holes.

There are others though, like golfing fanatic John Imrie, who has taken the game to a different level - literally.

Roof-top inspiration

According to Birmingham Mail, the 27-year-old from Northumberland and his friend Kurt Hill took a road trip in a bid to find places to do some good old-fashioned golfing. This led them to do something out of the ordinary.

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Upon returning from the road trip the duo then covered a Daihatsu Charade, nicknamed 'El Slice', with artificial turf on the roof and bonnet to make their very own 'on the go' golfing course.

The car cost around R9 000 (£400) with the intention of being a car just for road trips.

Now, instead of driving around having to look for cool places to play golf, John can simply park the car on a particular spot and start swinging away. It even has its own flag and different-sized ball pins on the roof.

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Because the car has undergone a number of exterior modifications and looks way different to any other car on the road, it is no surprise that it will at some point attract the attention of the police.

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You have to spare a thought for the car as the roof is takes a beating whenever the duo decides to step up and pay some golf.

Watch the video detailing the journey to creating a mobile driving range:

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Compiled by: Robin Classen