WATCH | This hilarious video shows how to decorate your car for Christmas the right way

Christmas has become almost ordinary in the eyes of many with the plethora of food and presents handed out on the day, but for the rest of us, we like keeping the holiday cheer, spirit and traditions.

For UK-based Youtuber lookship there is no such thing as ordinary. Why? Well he decorated both his cars - a Toyota GT86 and a Subaru Legacy - in multi-coloured Christmas fairy lights.

Going all out

The plan was to go one better than the now-sold GT86 and the Legacy represented the chance to do so, while at the same time showing it off with a cruise down the streets.

The first time was a trial run, but now he shows how to do it proper after learning from his experience the first time round.

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As the video shows, it caught the attention of the general public. One thing is for certain, this car cannot be overlooked because you just can't miss it.

Watch the funny video below: