WATCH: The Lexus Owners Club Cape Town show up in numbers for a special day

Laurika Walters needed a car for her farewell. Her family wanted to do something special for her, so the Lexus Owners Club of Cape Town stepped up and formed a chariot convoy.

Earlier in November, Florida Skills School in Ruyterwacht, just outside Cape Town, held their farewell for final-year students where Walters had been studying.

Walters, who lives in Bonteheuwel, was told she was going to catch an Uber in a fancy car for her event. Instead, the Lexus Owners Club of Cape Town rocked up with an 18-car strong convoy.

The 17 Lexus vehicles and a Toyota Tazz conveyed the young lady to her event in style, making her feel absolutely special. The video was sent in by one of the club members, Garth Edem.

It's moments like these that still make car clubs thrive in the motoring scene, even with exorbitant fuel prices. There is nothing better than giving back to our communities, in more ways than one, by using the very things we love so much - our cars.

lexus owners club cape town

                                                                 Image: Reon Rich

laurika walters_Lexus Owners Club Cape Town

                                                                          Image: Reon Rich