WATCH: Straight six, V6, inline-6... Here's why 6-cylinder engines are sought after by car lovers

Nissan's RB26DETT and Toyota's 2JZ-GTE are some of the most popular examples of straight-six engines, most notable for their performance and tuning potential.

Each has its distinct sound and power delivery but it all comes down to personal preference.

Lucky number 6

The guys at Donut Media  note that cars fitted with straight-six engines are notably much longer than their V6 counterparts so vehicle's will have a much longer front.

Donut Media said: "Six-cylinder engines are all over the place. But depending on the car, which kind of 6 is under the hood can be very different. There are Inline 6s, Slant 6s, and V6s." 

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V6 units on the other hand are essentially two inline, 3-cylinder engines positioned opposite each other, making use of the same crankshaft. They fire in a 'V-shape' which is where the V6 nomenclature is coined.

Check out the video below: