WATCH: Revel in these supercars disturbing the peace

Cape Town - True petrolheads will always go a little crazy when they hear or see a special car. If it's something rare or exotic then it gets taken to another level. 

There are thousands of videos of supercar spotters who captured these beasts in public.

Turn up the volume

We've found five of the best clips on Instagram showcasing some of the loudest modified supercars, including a Ferrari LaFerrari, Nissan GT-R and a Koenigsegg Agera. 

There's a special appearance by a Libertywalk Ferrari 488 and the evocative sounds of a Nissan GT-R 'carbon widebody. 

1. Ferrari LaFerrari 

2. Lamborghini 'bomb' 

3. Nissan GT-R 'Carbon widebody' - 

4. Libertywalk Ferrari 488  

5. Koenigsegg Agera