WATCH: Raising the decibels - Here's how car audio evolved through the years to become a major part of car culture

In-car audio has been around for decades and has grown to become a major part of car culture. These systems have evolved substantially through the, according to Donut Media.

Many people refer to a collection of subwoofers, monoblocks and amplifiers as 'ICE' with a host of competitions held in order to find out whose setup is the loudest.

Breaking the (sound) barrier

I've been to many of these type of events, also known as sound-offs, and on more than one occasion, I've seen passenger windows shatter - all in the name of bragging rights.

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There are a host of quality brands on the market today like Pioneer, JBL and Audiopipe. If you're looking into installing a system, check out a Soundmatch outlet in your area or Auto Wizz.

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