WATCH | People flock to Times Square to take photos of their car

The coronavirus might be a threat to human society but, surprisingly enough, it does come with a few advantages too - at least for some.

With Level 3 now in place in South Africa, people have been temporarily confined to their homes all over the world in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus; once bustling areas have been almost desolate and shadows of their former selves.

Time for some photos

Perhaps you've always wanted to take a photo of your car in the perfect location but because its so busy, there is just no way to do so. 

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Traffic is another major factor because you can't just stop your car and get out to take a snap as you'll be risking the wrath of many angry motorists wanting to get to their destinations - not to mention your car could get damaged as well.

The lack of cars during global lockdowns meant you could snap pictures from every angle without having to worry about getting into trouble with law enforcement - only if you were only out on an essential run for grocery or medical supplies. On any other day it is an entirely different story.

Whether its a smoking-hot supercar, timeless classic, or the end product of all your sweat and tears, you want to capture it in the proper way, and in a cool location to boot.

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Besides locations like Times Square, shipyard docks have also become a frequently-used setting, and backdrop for a number of automotive photographic examples.