WATCH | 'Mr Johnny' is a Bangkok taxi driver who dreams of owning a Porsche Cayenne

Everything from cars, motorbikes and Tuk Tuk's form part of the traffic in Bangkok but a certain taxi driver couldn't be more proud of what he does every day.

Khun Johnny, or better known as 'Mister Johnny', is a taxi driver on the bustling streets of Bangkok who one day hopes to own the car of his dreams - a Porsche Cayenne.

Getting there

He currently drives a Toyota Innova and has made small strides in working his way up to drive his dream car; at first, he used to rent a taxi to carry out his work, but now he is the proud owner of his own vehicle.

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The taxi is filled with his daughter's paintings and German football stickers for which he has a high admiration. He notes that pollution in the area is not the best but his taxi gives passengers transport in comfort.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, be sure to look out for Mister Johnny and his green-and-yellow taxi.

Compiled by: Robin Classen