WATCH | Mechanic busted with another car strapped to roof his VW - says he knew it was 'a stupid thing to do'

Glyndwr Wyn Richard is a typical mechanic and one who looks out for his friends in Wales. So when a mate contacted him to remove an old, trashed Skoda, he used his mechanical know-how to help transport the offending vehicle.

Unfortunately for fellow road users, Richard, behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Passat, was caught transporting the Skoda Octavia above the roof of his car.

He claims although the court stated it was dangerous, the Skoda was securely strapped to the Passat and the stability of both vehicles had been tested with a forklift truck. The reports that Richards said he knew it was a "stupid thing to do" but that he only drove about 260m at a claimed speed of 8km/h. 

He was rightfully slapped with three penalty points to his drivers licence and was found guilty of being a danger to fellow motorists.