WATCH: How to turn a Volvo into a crazy drift machine

Detroit - What do you get when you chop a family-sized Volvo in half? A crazy drift machine on three wheels is the answer!

The team over at Hoonigan in the United States literally cut and modified one of the Swedish automaker's cars for the sole purpose of doing 'donuts'.

Tyre smoke

You would never find the words Volvo and burnout in the same sentence, but that isn’t the case here. While much of the car has been cut away, the only things left intact on the car are the front wheels, front seats, and windscreen. A wheelie-bar has been added at the rear for stability when things go... sideways, or in circles.

From what can be concluded from the video is that the car does what it has been designed to do and kicks up loads of tyre smoke from start to finish.

It definitely looks like an enjoyable experience, but we doubt we'll be cutting up cars for the sake of doing a 'lekker donut'. Clearly the guys at Hoonigan seem to think otherwise...

WATCH the video below: