WATCH: Holy cow! Woman covers her Corolla in a layer of dung to beat the heat

Indian housewife, Sejalben Shah, has found a quirky solution to the scorching heat in Gujarat state: harvesting traditional wisdom and cow dung, she mixed the material with red mud to cover her Toyota Corolla.

Her solution of mixing cow-dung and red mud is apparently a good insulator against the heat as Shah says she feels a lot cooler and happier with her car.

She says she was inspired by nature and needed a way to cool down without using an aircon.

The difference? Shah says when the weather is 43 degrees Celcius outside in Ahmedabad, it's only about 36 or 37 in her car and that's a substantial change for her.

The eco-friendly motorist even added some white paint to spuce her unique vehicle. Of course, we have no idea just how efficient this might be since the cow dung adds additional weight to the car, and could end using more fuel.

She adds: "I feel so happy that I'm reducing the pollution level by using this natural cow dung."

At the end of the day, she's happy in her car, and that's all that matters.