WATCH: Here's how motorists react when non-car guys drive

We all have our own preference and suitability behind the wheel, whether its seat positioning or driving with the window down all the time.

Most people are good drivers, but very bad passengers and they're usually the ones hitting a non-existent pedal in the floor from the passenger seat, or even grabbing the steering wheel.

This cool video by Car Throttle shows how people would react if they weren't in the driving seat and someone else's driving habits came to the fore.

Use your inner voice

Not pulling away smoothly, stopping too close to someone else's rear bumper, and driving slow in the fast lane are some of the biggest irritations as a passenger. It is at this point where the things you would like to say should be kept to yourself.

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The guys at Car Throttle does a hilarious take on how drivers react when someone who usually rides shotgun gets behind the wheel. 

Watch the video: