WATCH | Going forwards but backward - Why its a bad idea to put your car in reverse while driving

There are some crazy antics people get up to on the internet that involves cars.

Sifting through the various pages and channels, everything from putting a manual car into first gear while driving at 100km/h and using brake fluid as petrol are some of the weirdest test your retina's are exposed to.

Mechanically possible

As the video from Youtube channel mastermilo82 shows, the 'chief operators' take a used and beat up Opel Astra as the test mule and attempt to put it into reverse while driving at 100km/h. 

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If you're one of those petrolheads that can't stand the crunching and shrieking sounds a car makes when it gets 'hurt', then this video pushes your sanity to the brim.

Possibly the only saving grace here is that it is a car nearing its life cycle and some would see it as fitting way to bow out.

Watch the video: