WATCH: Fancy extracting a few extra horses? Here's how to make your car that bit faster

The art of engine tuning has been practiced around the world, with mechanics and tuning houses extracting insane amounts of power from an engine.

A car can only go so fast and that is when owners decides to add more 'Go' to the engine in pursuit of more speed.

The art of tuning

The easiest way to extract a few extra KW from the engine is sorting out how the car breathes. An aftermarket air filter and bigger exhaust system is the ABC of tuning.

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If that is too basic for your liking, you can up the ante with the addition of a turbocharger or supercharger. Forced induction is the quickest way to achieve instant power. Cars like the Nissan GTR and VW Golf GTI are testament to that.

It is also worth noting that upgrading the components around the car is important. Imagine you have an engine that produces 200kW+ and it still makes use of the factory braking system.

Many tuning houses have perfected the art of tuning over the years, achieving phenomenal power figures based factory engine specifications.

Check out the video below: