WATCH | Bloem kid creates Volkswagen Frankenstein 'car'

  • SA boy's VW creation goes viral
  • One-seater, rear-engined, three-wheeled 'car'

  • Twitter users praised the youngster's inventiveness 

The closest I've come to building my own car was in a competition 26 years ago. It was a flying car with jets, wings, and of course, a driver. Did I mention it was made of Lego? 

Another young boy with a wild imagination and a love for cars had his creation go viral on social media. The video was taken at a car meet-up with the youngster's build causing a stir among the crowd. 

Seemingly sporting the rear section of a scooter, and the front grille of a VW Citi Golf, this 'Frankenstein' creation is a one-seater, rear-engined, three-wheeled 'car'. 

The man recording the video tells the driver: "Yo bro, go park it in front of my car... there's a black golf over there, go park yours in front of it... woooowww, that's some other type of car he's got there, hahahhahahhaha.. wooowww, ekse!"

The youngster's inventiveness is celebrated by others who gather around the vehicle for a closer look. It has no doors or windscreen. 

Twitter loved the video, singing the young boy's praises, user Carl Lewis responded to the video, tweeting: "Engineering scholarship in the future."

It's incredible what can be created by old parts, wooden planks and scrap metal. And don't forget the VW badge, it carries a lot of clout, even it's not fixed to the original car. 

A message to the young man who built this: dream big, you might become the next Gordon Murray. 

Have a look at the clip below: