WATCH: Beyond 911 - The best 'other' Porsches

When you think of Porsche, the timeless 911 will always come to mind first.

Here's a look at some other superb vehicles also made by the Stuttgart brand.

First introduced in 1948, the 356 was the very first production car from the automaker, and was the predecessor to the 911.

The Cayenne upset many purists when Porsche made the SUV's debut because the automaker had cancelled aa racing project in order to fund it.

It became a huge sales success, and continues to do so for the brand, and has helped the automaker find financial stability. 

The Cayenne S was a finalist in the South African Car of the Year competition and was crowned as the runner up.  

The Boxster was called a poor man's 911 when it made its debuted, but the car - now dubbed the 718 - has proven itself as a great vehicle. The addition of the hard-top Cayman and faster variants has helped the brand establish its baby sports cars.

If you thought the Cayenne caused a stir with purists, the Panamera opened a whole new can of worms. But, the performance saloon handles exceptionally well.

The 918 Spyder hypercar brings a new era as it pairs a racing engine with powerful electric motors to create astounding performance.