WATCH | A gas-guzzler and as wide as a bridge - Here's why the Hummer was never made for SA roads

If you’re familiar with the TV series CSI Miami and David Caruso’s character Horatio Caine, you’ll know his ride of choice. For those not too clued up, it is a Hummer H2.

We never saw the H1 - which was a beast of a vehicle, or the H2 locally, but the H3 made its debut in South Africa in 2006.

Not viable

It was a fail for a variety of reasons - it was too big and also extremely heavy on fuel. No one wants to drive a car that uses as much as 18-litres per 100km, and a case of angles and measurements too see if it will fit in your garage.

South Africa’s Struandale Assembly Plant in Port Elizabeth built the H3 but production ceased in 2009. At the time, the bakkie and SUV market was gaining momentum and you only need to take a look on the road now to see how well both segments are doing.

The H3 was the only model for local introduction while H1 and H2 models were sold primarily in the US and Canada.

Watch the video: