V12-powered limos face off in drag race: BMW 760Li vs Maybach

• The now discontinued Mayback 62 and BMW's 760Li face off in a drag race. 

• Both car features a V12 engine.  

• The Maybach produces 410kW and 900Nm while the BMW has 406kW and 700Nm.

When two V12-powered cars line up for a drag race you'd assume they're supercars with Italian DNA. Not so here, with Germany's Maybach and BMW ready for a duel. 

The Maybach 62 and BMW 760Li are obviously not suited to sprinting from standstill, but it is interesting to see how they fare. 

Mercedes-Benz has owned Maybach since 1960 and the 62 model seen in the video was the brand's flagship car. It's powered by a 5.5-litre twin-turbo V12 engine producing 410kW and 900Nm. 

The Bavarian beast featured here is the 760Li and features a bigger capacity engine, a full-fat 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 with 406kW and 700Nm. 

I remember driving a faster, more powerful version around Port Elizabeth's Aldo Scribante race track and was blown away by the M760Li.

The flagship of the range is fitted with with full run-flat tyres that limits its top speed to 250km/h, on 'normal' tyres it can reach 310km/h says the carmaker

The M760Li is more at home with calmer throttle inputs through bends followed by a heavy right foot down the main straight.

Back to the race

Both cars channel their power to the rear wheels via slush boxes. What about weight? Yeah you guessed it, these limos are hefty. 

While there isn't much of a difference in the power stakes, just 4kW in it the main difference is in the weight. The Maybach weighing in at 2605kg and the 760Li 330kg under that at 2275kg.

Carwow says: "It’s time for a super luxurious V12 showdown! Back when it was first released, the Maybach was in a league of its own." 

"But how will this luxurious limo compare to the equally powerful BMW 760Li? They’re both more suited to luxury rather than performance, but when they’re both packing a V12 under the bonnet", they concluded

Watch: V12-powered limos in epic drag race