Simple yet functional: These are some of the best-looking steering wheels ever made

• We list several simple-yet-functional steering wheels.

• The steering wheels listed are from Porsche, Nissan, Ferrari, and Lamborghini.

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How a steering wheel looks can often aid or be to the detriment of a car's overall design.

It is the first point of call when getting into the front seat as the manufacturers badge stares you right in the face.

There are some that look terrible, while others are beauty personified. A steering wheel is a simple component but the design can go a long way in making or breaking the interior.

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To make a steering wheel as simple as possible, some manufacturers even removed the hooter functionality and made it a separate button elsewhere on the car.

Earlier vehicles did not feature too much technology to work with so designs became imperative to make a car look unique. Simplicity is often the best route to follow.

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Most modern steering wheels tend to look the same with a whole lot of buttons and paddles accompanying it, but here are some of the best-looking examples you can find:

1. Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Image: Net Car Show

When you talk about Porsche you can't not talk about the popular 911 series. This particular version is the venerable and race-bred GT3 RS with a whole host of features that make it a performance car of epic proportions.

Behind the wheel you are greeted by a steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara leather. There's no fancy buttons or anything of the sort - just a straight line marker and the automakers badge. One of the most complete steering wheels you can find.

2. Honda NSX-R

Honda NSX R

Image: Net Car Show

To this day, the NSX-R remains one of the machines ever to come out of Honda's production line. The late Formula 1 great Ayrton Senna also provided his input on how the car should be built.

The attraction here though is its Momo, race-inspired steering wheel. It is as minimalist as you would expect with a red 'H' also doubling as the hooter, staring you in the face.

3. Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40

Image: Net Car Show

Any petrolhead will know the F40 and the acclaim that comes with it. It completely changed the game when it was released in 1987 and was Enzo Ferrari's last gift to automotion when he passed away.

Just like the car, the F40's interior was solely based racing and performance and an aptly fitting steering wheel with the prancing horse on the front was a great black on red combination.

4. Lamborghini Miura

lamborghini muira

Image: Net Car Show

Back in the 60's everything was done a certain way and the cars fell under the same category. The Lamborghini Miura made a name for itself in an era where the likes of Ferrari and Ford started to make names for themselves.

The Miura's three-pointed steering wheel is a true stand-out while the accompanying dashboard and dials brings the nostalgic feeling full circle.

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