Readers reveal the weird items they keep in their cars

• We asked our Wheels24 readers if they have any weird items in their cars. 

• The responses varied from a back support brace in case of a spasm, to a pair of braai tongs to help remove parking tickets from the machine.

• If you have any weird items in your car, contact us here and we'll feature it.

We asked South Africans to share the weird items they have in their cars. The responses are interesting, with one reader stating she keeps a small sharp stick to pop the airbag in the event of spontaneously popping. 

Another reader said they carry a pair of braai tongs to assist in removing parking tickets from the machine. Thank you to everyone who informed us about the weird items they have in their cars.    

If you have anything to add, mail us here and share your story. For now, have a look at the responses below:  

Angela Banks: "I keep an 8-inch pointed stick in my car door, in case the airbag opens up on me, and then I can reach in to car door and pop it open. I think otherwise it might smother me! Haha!"

Nazir Dawood: "I wouldn't call it a weird item but I have been carrying my Slazenger V12 cricket bat in my cars since I retired from club cricket at the age of 26. I am now 60-years-old. I still played socially, and indoor cricket until the age of 45, but today still I have my cricket bat in my car.

"I never owned new cars but I changed them often. I am on car number 31 now and that bat has traveled with me in my last 25 cars. Why? It kept my boot up when boot hydraulic pistons were too weak, for social cricket games or when I went out for outings it's there.

"It's a weapon when the need arises (hope it never happens) and it's just my companion when I take those solo drives reminding me of my sporting days. I never planned this, my bat just strangely moved from one car to the next." 

nazir dawood

Image: Nazir Dawood

Richard Coquillon: "I keep a back support brace in my car in case my back goes into spasm from sitting too long." 

Inga Schwartz: A plastic skeleton.

Angel Van Zyl: "I have a tree trimmer (the one that looks like a pair of scissors). For some reason I feel it belongs there."

Naim Bham: "I keep stay soft in the door pocket and when they need it, voila it pops out in a flash.....  Then I buy the next one.... Keeps my car fresh." 

Sarah Ehlers: "Zeb oven cleaner for those hijackers; they will never hijack again when you spray them in the eyes."

Barbara Doyle: "A pair of tongs. Yes, tongs I use them to remove the ticket on entering parking lots. My arms are short!"