Pimp your Dad’s ride this Father’s Day

 • Volvo Cars South Africa creates a once-off modified model. 

 • Known as the Swedish Beast,  it is an updated XC90.

 • Personalising your Dad's ride allows him to be as subtle or as flamboyant as he likes.

Father's Day is your chance to honour not only your father and grandfather, or uncle, but to celebrate the tremendous influence that fathers have on our lives and indeed, on society as a whole.  

For those of us whose fathers consider themselves petrolheads but don't have something sporty in the garage, here's some inspiration to help you customise their ride.  

The Swedish Beast The Swedish Beast, as the once-off modified car, has been affectionately named, is based upon an updated Volvo XC90, in D5 Inscription guise. Still, through a series of modifications by the team at Volvo Car South Africa, it has been transformed into the most extreme XC90 we've ever seen. 

volvo xc90,the beast

Image: The Car Scene

A question of personal taste The very definition of vehicle customisation is inextricably linked to the owner's taste. In the case of the Beast XC90, its matte black wrap and orange accents create a bold visual statement, resulting in an SUV that looks ready to take on the wastelands of a post-apocalyptic landscape. 

The zombie-proof Swede has also been fitted with BF Goodrich All-Terrain tyres, a roof rack with a host of get-out-of-any-situation goodies secured to the roof, among which includes a spade and spare tyre, courtesy of aftermarket off-road accessories specialists Front Runner. 

The beauty of personalising your Dad's ride is that it allows him to be as subtle or as flamboyant as he sees fit. 

volvo xc90,the beast

Image: The Car Scene

There are so many options available, from a simple change of wheel colour to upgrading his engine or exhaust, or perhaps something subtle like an updated infotainment system or even a fresh set of wheels, which does wonders to spruce up the aesthetics of any car. 

Perhaps the vital aspect of this though is the opportunity for you to spend more time with your father and do something together that not only produces wonderful results but allows you to enjoy the journey too.