Forget the radio, listen to this! Short stretch of road has musical notes built into it

Can you recall driving, and then suddenly the riffles in the road begin making a sound?

Now, what if it gets taken up a notch and those riffles start playing a tune...

On an unidentified piece of road, dashcam footage captures the moment a vehicle traverses over a section of road that has musical notes built into it.

The road markings indicate quite clearly that a song is about to play before white blocks appear on the right side of the road.

The driver, clearly no stranger to the ‘phenomenon’, keeps his vehicle in position and allows the tyres to hit the notes. It sounds pretty cool, and the size of the blocks determine what kind of tune will be thrown up.

As we can gather, the speed you’re traveling at will also impact how the emitted tune will sound, but a moderate speed seems to be just right.

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