Countach, 280 SE, Datsun 410 - We can't get enough of this reader's 'old school' spotter hashtag

This Wheels24 reader started a #WhenLastHaveYouSeen hashtag on Instagram and it's become an instant hit with car lovers in South Africa.

Cape Town's

Craig Jacobs has been an avid car enthusiast all of his life.

Earlier in December 2019, I came across one of his Instagram posts and realised he had posted several sightings of 'spotted' gems.

His hashtag was relevantly young at the time and I predicted it would grow as more pictures of older cars were posted. And at the time of the article being posted, Jacobs said he had almost 150 new followers on the first day too.

Jacobs says: "To me, older cars do the same thing as familiar songs; it transports me back to specific memories in my past. Seeing daily driven older cars shows me that the owner has a bond with the car and I quite like that in our disposable society.

"I'm sure there are other people who feel the same, so I share what appeals to me with


He also said so many people have been sending him pictures to post, and others have joined in using the hashtag and have posted the most amazing pictures of vehicles across the country.

Some of his most recent posts now include a mint condition Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, a Datsun Bluebird 410 that's been on the road since 1967, a Lamborghini Countach by another user, and a Toyota Cressida 3.0i Twincam 24 Valve.

Here are some of his posts. For more, follow his

hashtag on Instagram