Autonomous Volvo Trucks – Refuse handling like you've never seen it before

Stockholm - Swedish vehicle manufacturer Volvo says they have produced a self-driving refuse truck.

A collaboration between Volvo Trucks and the Swedish waste management company Renova are testing how autonomous trucks can contribute to a safer, more efficient refuse handling and a better working environment.

The automated systems being tested are in principle the same as those fitted to the autonomous Volvo truck operating in the Kristineberg Mine in northern Sweden since autumn 2016. 

Facts about the project and the vehicle

- Joint project between Volvo Trucks and Renova
- Focus on safety, productivity, and working environment
- Vehicle – autonomous (self-driving) Volvo FM for refuse collection
- Equipment – GPS and lidar-based system for mapping, positioning and scanning of the area around the vehicle
- Automatic control of steering, gear changing and speed
- Automatic stop if an obstacle on the road suddenly appears

Watch: Volvo's autonomous refuse truck at work