WATCH: Mercedes-Benz pushed along on its side by huge truck for more than a kilometre, driver to take legal action

A video taken by a motorist travelling along the San Antonio highway in Texas shows a truck pushing a Mercedes-Benz. The car can be seen been pushed along on its side for more than a kilometre. 

The video, taken by Adrian Lopez and posted on his Facebook account, captured the moment. The driver intends to take legal action.

Lawsuit to follow

According to, driver Leon Morris is suing the truck driver Raymond Morales and his employer, Timms Trucking & Excavating, for more than $1-million.

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The truck driver told police that he did not realise he had been pushing the car for more than a kilometre and stopped after he realised what was happening. also reports that Morris was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The video contains graphic language click here to check it out.