WATCH: Front, mid and rear - car engine layouts explained

The position of a car's engine can define the way it drives, with three of the most popular examples used by manufacturers.

Front-engined, front-wheel-drive vehicles are the most common configuration type as its design is simple and also costs less during the building process. 

Getting the power down

Rear-engined cars, rear-wheel-drive cars are somewhat of a rarity these days with Porsche the most notable manufacturer to make use of it. The iconic VW Beetle also used the same layout with its air-cooled 'boxer' engines.

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Mid-engined cars with rear-wheel-drive configuration are hailed for their impressive power-to-weight ratio as the central position of the engine delivers superb weight distribution. Cars such as the Honda NSX, Toyota MR2 and Renault Clio V6 are just some of the vehicles that use this type of layout.