ICYMI: VW's new baby T-Cross SUV uncovered, epic Jaguar reunion - top car stories you shouldn't missed

Volkswagen's new mini-SUV has officially been unveiled to the world. The latest addition to the family will be arriving in SA from next year.

With the holiday and festive period coming up, take a look at a few safety and driving tips.

In case you missed it

Wheels24 contributor Charlen Raymond stumbled upon a rare Jaguar E-Type and took the opportunity to reunite classics from different ends of an era. Be sure to read more on that

PICS: From father to son - Rare Jaguar E-Type, awesome F-Type, one epic reunion in Cape Town

Ford is further expanding in India as it sees the country as a profitable area of the market and utilising local resources to cut overall costs as well.

BMW's profits have taken a dip, this coming in a volatile time in the market.

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