Golf, Enzo, 240Z - You'll never guess which retro cars are crazy-popular on Instagram

When it comes to cars, there are huge generational differences, from popular designs to iconic rarities.

Often classic motors are appreciated for their character, attitude and what they signified culturally in the past.

Insta classics

Instagram is an incredibly popular way to share snaps of your favourite car, whether you’re an avid collector, a fan at a show, or you’ve wandered past a gem you had to share with the world.

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The Mazda RX-7 has been hash-tagged 1 694 903 times and makes it the most popular retro car on Instagram. 

Hot on its tail is the Volkswagen Type 2 bus - better known as the Kombi in SA, with 1 541 007 posts and tags, followed by the VW Beetle with 1 540 774 hashtags and posts.

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CompareTheMarket found which 'classic' cars have captivated the world. Does your favourite car appear on the list?

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