WATCH: Hate reversing? New car tech allows you to see around corners while reversing

For several years now, reversing cameras that show drivers what is immediately behind them, have become increasingly popular with new car customers.

Now, the new Ford Focus is taking the technology a step further – by showing drivers what is around the corner behind them.

The new Focus is set to arrive locally in 2018.

See what's around the corner

Located just above the vehicle licence plate, the camera captures a 180-degree view that can be displayed on a touchscreen inside the car – so passing pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles can be more easily seen.

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Reversing manoeuvres are also made easier by radar sensors that monitor the area behind the car and alert drivers to vehicles and motorcycles crossing behind. If the driver does not respond to warnings, the brakes are automatically applied.

Watch the video here:

Glen Goold, Ford’s chief program engineer for Focus, said: "We know that for nearly all our customers, reversing is a crucial part of their daily drive – and one that some of them really don’t enjoy. This little camera is helping us to make a big step forwards in making it easier to go backwards."