Robotics, Nanotech, Electric cars... Top tech automakers are investing in

Johannesburg - Have you ever thought about investing in an electric vehicle? What about an autonomous one? If so, which automaker would you pick?

The auto industry is pumping millions into startups as they search for sources of innovation. 

The guys at  have created a cool infographic showcasing top automakers and their investments in technology.

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 • BMW iVentures - Spending an eye-watering $670 800 000, BMW is leading the way when it comes to auto investments. The autonomous vehicle sector receives the most cash; $177 500 000 in total. BMW have also spread its cash amongst the biggest number of sectors; 7+ in total.

 • Daimler AG - The Daimler group has spent $632 189 235 on investments with the largest sector being electric vehicles with a whopping $254 500 000 of funding and $172 500,000 of that amount has been spent on Tesla.
 • General Motors - GM has spent $338 710 000, with $159 000 000 of that going towards autonomous vehicles research in 2017. About $123 210 000 has been invested in renewables
 • Ford Venture Capital Group - Ford has spent $10 700 000 on its investments. The interesting thing? The automaker is focusing ons apps and software.
 • Toyota Research Institute - Toyota has kept most of its investments in one area - spending $9 000 000 in 2017 on robotics.

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