Is that a stove? Driver installs a 'fully functional kitchen' in his little electric car

New Zealand - A driver from New Zealand has installed a 'fully functional' kitchen to his electric Peugeot that includes a stove and running water.

Cramming a stove, mini fridge and a sink into the boot of the iOn was never going to be an easy task, as he explains the challenges that came with the project.

He said: "Because I wanted the car kitchen to be as close to a house kitchen as possible, I lowered the level of the gas cooker to be flush with the bench top. 

"It was partially for aesthetics, but also for safety as I’m somewhat terrified of having open flames in the car, which is a rational, healthy fear. 

"This means I paid a lot of attention to where the heat from the flames would be in relation to the car’s interior, and where I should position things during construction."

Watch the video below: 

He also explained how he went about trying to create a 'home' look to his kitchen and that he bought the tap for cheap off eBay.

"I installed the kitchen sink and a wood-grain vinyl laminate on top of the kitchen counter to give it that real “home” look and feel. 

"I also installed the mini refrigerator and stove and wastewater container.

"One of the trickier parts was connecting running water to the kitchen. For this, I just used a 12 volt windshield washer motor and a 5 litre container of water, connected to a cheap tap I bought off eBay.