Ever heard of ProChargers? Here's what they are and how they work in your car

I first heard about ProChargers while watching the reality show Street Outlaws and at the time I thought it was just a fancy word for a turbocharger.

Turns out I was only minutely right. It shares the same nondescript appearance as a turbo but it is actually a supercharger. A centrifugal supercharger to be articulate.

Weapon of choice

ProCharger is actually a name of a company in the United States that sells and manufacturers a wide range of supercharging systems for different power applications.

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Just like a conventional supercharger, it is belt-driven but takes the shape of a turbo in the engine bay. The reason for this is to lessen the amount of piping and drastically reduces the amount of heat transfer with immeasurable air-to-air cooling benefits as well.

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They are commonly found at the front of the engine positioned similar to that of a power steering pump or alternator. A traditional supercharger on the other hand is located on top of the engine between either of the manifolds.

Many petrolheads have their own opinions regarding which is better - turbo or supercharging. Each has its own benefits depending on the application. 

Check out the video to find out a bit more about the Procharger: