WATCH | Take a look at the vintage VW T1 Doka

The VW Bus was the right car at the right time. In 1948, the mini transporter filled a gap in the market and quickly became a global bestseller. 

The vehicle was incredibly versatile. Deutsche Welle's Christoph Bauer takes the pickup version, the T1 Doka, out for a spin and highlights its features.

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Bauer also takes us back to the origins of the T1 bus back in 1947 when trades people needed a vehicle to transport goods and materials from one point to another. It was entirely engineered from the Beetle's chassis, the only Volkswagen car in mass production at the time. But yet, in 1948 when it was approved, the Beetle's chassis proved to be difficult to use as it was not strong enough to carry a heavy load. Another plan was then put into motion and it was given a new ladder-frame chassis.

There were 1.8-million units of the VW T1 sold 

It's one of the most iconic vehicles even here in South Africa and its legendary status continues to bring much love from fans.

Article compiled by Janine Van der Post.