WATCH | Bringing a legend back to life - Toyota's hot new Supra sports car

Toyota brought a legend back to life with the new GR Supra.

It's the fifth generation of this popular sports car. We take a look at the Supra's past, its technical origins and predecessors.

The two-seater comes with rear-wheel drive.

Wheels24's Janine Van der Post has been a Toyota-fangirl since the first time she watched Initial D, and even owns a Corolla 20V RSI. Has the new Supra in SA met her expectations?

DRIVEN | Is the new Supra more than just a BMW Z4 with a Toyota badge?

Van der Post says: "My excitement to drive the new Supra was hindered by a dark cloud which had taken hostage of my heart; the BMW Z4 engine had already clouded my judgement. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing horrible with said engine at all, but more on that later. 

"Was Toyota about to break my heart yet again?

"Yes, and no.

"The new GR Supra is absolutely striking, and it scores top marks on looks - although some will disagree. My only gripe would be where the number plate is positioned on South African models, and this was most probably an oversight - it takes away attention from an otherwise distinctive front end."