WATCH | Are hydrogen cars the future?

Imagine a car that only emits water vapour, refuels in minutes and has twice the range of most electric cars. It's already here! Hydrogen is an environmentally-conscious mobility option that hasn't caught on - yet.

According to Digital Trends, hydrogen-powered cars were part of North American car makers Ford and General Motors plans, and Germany's BMW were proactive in that department up until 2015. 

In the United States, there are only three hydrogen-powered cars on sale: The Toyota Mirai, the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, and the Hyundai NEXO reports Digital Trends

But there's been a huge shift to electric.  

The proliferation of electrically powered vehicles illustrates a dynamic shift from combustion engine cars. In South Africa, Jaguar and BMW offer fully electric vehicles to the consumers, while Audi and Mercedes plan to introduce models in 2020.