LISTEN: The 2018 Honda Civic Type R at full blast

There are few cars launched this year that have the ability to garner as much attention as the new Honda Civic Type R. 

From a schoolboy egging on his mother to speed up and drive alongside me to receiving a thumbs up from almost every guy in the CBD, it's clear the outrageous styling is a winner.

'Unequivocally a driver's car'

And why wouldn't it be? It looks like the car you drew as a youngster during a boring class, with a massive wing, 20" wheels and gaping air dams there is nothing else like it.  

Well, that's what it's like to drive the new Type R? In a word: brilliant. It's one of the few performance cars sold in Mzansi that requires the driver to change their own gears (via a short-throw six-speed 'box). 

But it needs a few mountain passes to be really enjoyed, yes it's an unequivocal driver's car. And that's a damn good thing. 

Price: R635 500

Check out our video to hear what it sounds like: