WATCH | Tommie Beirowski on participating in Drift Outlaws and his hard work paying off

• Tommie Beirowski is one of the top drifters in Drift Outlaws.

• His hard work has paid off when his car was wrapped in a sponsor's livery.

• Drift Outlaws is one of the premier drifting events in South Africa.

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Currently occupying the second position on the Drift Outlaws rankings, Tommie Beirowski has made it his mission to be among the top drifters in the series.

His hard work has paid off as his car has been wrapped in Total Quarts livery.

Having come on board as a partner to the series, Total extended their involvement by having the top two cars in the series wrapped in its colours. Beirowski, being in the top two, was at the receiving end of this treatment.

Beirowski said: "For me as a driver, getting this big sponsor on board, it kind of makes you feel like everything you worked for is actually starting to pay off."

Their passion for drifting drives Beirowski and the rest of the Drift Outlaws crew. The series quickly made a name for itself over the last couple of years and is one of the premier drifting series in South Africa.

Compiled by: Charlen Raymond