SEE | Verstappen, Vettel, Leclerc... 5 youngest race winners in F1 history

• Verstappen the youngest F1 GP winner

• Troy Ruttman became the youngest race winner in 1952

• Vettel, Leclerc, and Alonso complete the list

Formula 1 is not for the fainthearted, and a driver competing in this sport must know his game. Experience goes a long way in ensuring success and race wins, but sometimes the dice falls in your favour – even if you're the youngest.

Did you know that Max Verstappen is the youngest driver ever to win an F1 race? And before him, it was Sebastian Vettel who took that honour from Fernando Alonso. At just 18-years-old, Verstappen won the 2016 Spanish GP on his first outing for Red Bull Racing.

And speaking of first outings: In 1952, Troy Ruttman lined up for the Indianapolis GP - his first F1 race. Lucky for him, the gods smiled on him, and he took his first and only win in the sport. That race, the second of the 1952 season, was Ruttman's only participation in F1 and he left the sport with a 100% win-rate. Fancy that.