LIVE: These 7 people are kissing a Kia for days...

Texas - Earlier on Tuesday, Wheels24 reported on a Live Facebook video showing 20 people hoping to win a Kia Optima by "kissing the car" for the longest period. The 'Kiss a Kia' competition started on Monday (April 17).

Contestants have been whittled down to the final 7 on Wednesday. The contestants were giving a break at around 2:00am US time. 

The competition is being hosted at a dealership in Houston, Texas and contestants have already snogged the South Korean sedan for days.

We sincerely hope contestants have factored in a 'bathroom solution' (read: adult nappy) and figured out a way to consume liquids and food while pressing their lips against the Kia. In the clip you can spot exhausted contestants continuing to suck face with the Optima. Talk about chapped lips...

Endurance is the name of the game

The FOX 7 TV station says: "This is a live look at 96.7 KISSFM hosting an endurance contest at Southwest Kia in Round Rock. 20 contestants put their lips on a Kia Optima beginning at 8:00am (US time) and they'll have to leave them on the car until only one person is left to win it!"

FOX 7 Austin says: "The 96.7 KISSFM endurance contest continues as contestants keep their lips on a Kia Optima in the hopes of being the last person so they can win it!"

Watch the LIVE feed below: